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The NXT Master Control Unit is an essential component of a NXT installation and provides multiple functions. It is the central processor that drives the system, provides the computing power, intelligence and decision making. In addition there are various interfaces for connection to external devices and a remote control port. If a EmpirBus NXT system has more than three units (DCM-11 or SP-12), a master unit is mandatory.

The master Control Unit (MCU) is a NMEA2000 device and talks to all of the other system components via the NMEA2000 network. The MCU both stores and executes the configuration files for the installation holding data for every DC Module and Membrane Panel present. Should any Module or Membrane need to be replaced it is the MCU that distributes the specific data to the replacement once the base address of the new component has been entered.

Within the MCU there is a large amount of onboard memory storage and this is addressed either via the mini USB port connected to a PC or directly from a memory stick. It is therefore possible to update or load a new configuration directly from a memory stick without the necessity of connecting a PC.

System log files may also be transferred from the Master unit to an USB memory stick for examination or analysis remotely from the installed system. Standard Microsoft drivers are utilised and therefore no special drivers required.

The Ethernet interface allows the system to be monitored or controlled remotely, either over the internet or locally via a WiFi connection, for example a smart phone controlling lighting or displaying tank levels. The GSM interface allows similar interaction with the system either utilising SMS messaging services or data network.

Finally there is a port to accept a GPS receiver (optional) which can be used within the system as say an anchor alarm or tracking device.

All interfaces are Galvanically isolated to ensure integrity with other system devices and there is a secondary power supply connection for redundancy and security should the NMEA power be dropped.

A three digit display allows some parameters such as the base address to be displayed and the touch buttons allow new settings to be entered.

• NMEA2000 Master Control Unit
• PC Interface Via USB Mini Socket
• USB Memory Stick Interface Port
• Ethernet Port
• Quad Channel Bi-Directional Remote Control Unit
• Integrated GSM Module
• Port for remote GPS receiver connection
• Integrated audible buzzer
• IP65 Protection
• Secondary PSU Connection for redundancy and security

Connection example NMEA 2000

Distruberade elsystem


CAN-bus NMEA 2000
Power supply
Power consumption max/average 300mA/0,25mA
Supply voltage 9–32VDC

NMEA 2000
Micro 5pin M12 Male
Power supply
Micro 8pin M12 Male
USB Slave
Mini USB
USB Host

Sim Card
Sim Card Holder
SMA Female
Ambient temp.
-20 to +70 degrees Celsius
Ingress Protection IP65
173 x 89 x 32,5 mm
Regulation comp.
0,2 kg