Distrubuerade elsystem SP-12H-C

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The Switch Panel (SP-12) is a 12x2 way digital switch component for the EmpirBus NXT NMEA2000 control, monitoring and distribution system. SP-12 is used to provide control inputs to the system via the switches and status information back to the user by the individual LED indicators. An integrated audible warning device provides both operator feedback on key press and should an alarm condition arise an audible warning. Fitting the unit is simple it may be fitted to any flat surface. The SP-12 is intended to be fitted internally and operates from -20 to +70C. For night time operation the SP-12 is back lit and both the back lighting and running/warning indications can be dimmed to suite specific conditions either as individual panels or groups. Each button has two physical switches and three independently controlled status LED’s providing an excellent interface. For example a switch may operate the bilge pump, left is auto and right manual, reflected in the LED’s with the centre LED showing if the pump is running. Other examples would include navigation lights, wiper functions, modes and interior lighting.
SP-12 is available in portrait (6*2) and landscape (4*3) versions and a laser process labels the switches with a permanent mark using either text or symbols. For volume users the Switch panel is available in a choice of colors and with the customer logo.

• NMEA2000 Switch Panel
• 12x2 Programmable Switches
• Landscape orientation
• LED Running and Alarm Indication for each Switch
• User Defined Switch Legends (Text & Symbols)
• Backlit for Dusk / Nigth Time Operation
• Optional Integral CAN bus terminator
• Built in light sensor for automatic adjusting of backlight
• Integrated Buzzer for Operator Feedback / Alarm Warning
• Choose from a variety of buttons or order an unique button (no buttons are included)

Connection example NMEA 2000
Distruberade elsystem SP-12

CAN-bus NMEA 2000
Power supply
Power consumption max/average 500mA/0,25mA
Supply voltage 9–32VDC
NMEA 2000
Micro 5pin M12 Male
Molex MX150L 16 circuits
M6 bolt
SMA Female
Ambient temp.
-20 to +70 degrees Celsius
Ingress Protection IP21
127,5x90,5x12,2 mm
Regulation comp.
0,2 kg