Digital Switching

EmpirBus NXT DCM

Empirbus NXT DCM is based on more than 10 years experience in power distribution using Digital Switching.

We have used our long term experience, together with the feedback from our customers and then added our own innovative ideas.

EmpirBus NXT DCM provides all features and functionality from the EmpirBus CLC system, added with a lot of unique and new possibilities.



  • analog functionsmonitor and control analog signals (V, A, Ω)
  • configurable input/outputflexible installation, analog or digital
  • advanced lighting controlprovides full LED brightness control
  • smooth on & offcreate your desired ambience
  • self adapting unitssimple service & replacement
  • dimming functionalityfull flexibility without limitation
  • advanced motor controlreversible polarity functionality.
  • multiple function channelssaves installation time, money and space!
  • automatic override controlsecurity and safety with manual override
  • dedicated high current outputsoutputs up to 18A
  • control of complex wiper systeminterval function, 1 or 2 speed, synchronization, ....

EmpirBus NXT MCU

The EmpirBus NXT Master Control Unit is an essential component of a larger NXT installation, providing multiple functions. It is the central processor that drives the system, provides the computing power, intelligence and decision making. In addition there are various interfaces for connection to external devices and a remote control port.



  • pc interface via usb mini socketconnect & configure
  • integrated gsm moduleconnectivity wherever
  • port for remote gps receiver connectionintegration possibilities
  • integrated audible buzzerfull flexibility without limitation
  • ip65 protectiondurability
  • automatic override controlrobustness

EmpirBus SP12

EmpirBus SP12 is a 12x2 way digital switch component for the EmpirBus NXT control, monitoring and distribution system. SP12 is used to provide control inputs to the system via the switches and status information back to the user by the individual LED indicators. An integrated audible warning device provides both operator feedback on key press and should an alarm condition arise an audible warning. Fitting the unit is simple it may be fitted to any flat surface. The SP12 is intended to be fitted internally and operates from -20 to +70C.



  • 12 x 2 programmable switchesflexibility
  • portrait and landscape modeldesigned to blend in
  • led running and alarm indication for each switchfor every need
  • user designed switch legendsdesign your own buttons
  • backlight with automatic adjustmentnight time operation
  • integrated can-bus terminatorsimplified
  • integrated buzzeroperator feedback and alarm