Transas 4000ECS

Transas Navi-Sailor 4000 ECS MFD is a navigation system that displays full positional information from navigation sensors on electronic navigational charts. The system assists the officer in charge of the navigational watch (OOW) in route planning and monitoring. Four main tasks can be operated on every navigational station: Navi-Sailor4000, Navi-Radar 4000, Navi- Conning 4000 and Alarm Monitoring System.





Supported chart formats and main chart functionalities:

•Vector charts

•Raster charts

•Navi-Planner chart handling tool

•Chart Control

•Charts Manual update


Navigational tools:

•Alarms and warnings


•North Up, Head Up and Course Up

•Quick distance measuring tool

•True/Relative Motion


•Docking Mode

•Dual chart panel

•Manually fix position

•Left information panel


Working with Routes:

•Route Planning Capability

•Multiple Routes


•Route Monitoring

•Route Converting Capability

•Route Checking

•SAR operations

•Route Printout


Logging Functions:

•System Logbook

•Ships Track

•Target Data and their status

•Radar Overlay





•Data tool – File

•System Configuration


•Transas Integrator


ECS options:



•Alarm Monitoring System

•Precise Navigation Tools

•Electronic Ship Logbook

•Advanced Planning option

•Radar Overlay

•Seetrac Interfaces

•Navtex Interface

•Ice Charts Format

•Vector DNC Chart Format

•Optical Bearing Device interface

•Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO)


Minimum hardware and software requirements


Hardware requirements:

•CPU: Pentium, 2165 MHz or higher

•RAM: 512 MB or higher

•Video RAM: 32 MB or higher

•HDD: 20 GB or higher

•I/O devices: CD-ROM

•Interfaces: LAN 100Mbit, USB


Software/OS requirements:

•Windows XP Professional Service Pack

•Windows 7: Professional, 32 bit for network configuration Ноme Premium, 32 bit for standalone configuration